Guns N’ Roses slot review

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Hey there, rock stars and reel spinners! Michael here, your trusted slot blogger and casino connoisseur, ready to take you backstage for an electrifying session with the Guns N' Roses slot - the game that turns every spin into a front-row concert experience. Grab your air guitar, because we're about to crank up the volume and dive into the details that make this slot a headliner in the casino world! 🤘🎰🌟

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Guns N’ Roses RTP Compared to the Market

Return to Player Rate (RTP)
High Above average Average Below average Low
Guns N’ Roses 94.07 Below average RTP

Guns N’ Roses Volatility

Low Low - Medium Medium Medium - High High

Buckle up, my friend, and dive into the rockin’ world of the legendary Guns N’ Roses slot! This gem by NetEnt was a game-changer when it hit the casino floors back in January 2016. Man, spinning these reels isn’t just playing – it’s a full-blown concert experience with an RTP (return to player) of 94.07%. Get ready to rock with a 5-reel, 20-payline setup that’ll get your heart thumping like a drum solo!

Let’s talk symbols – those classic ‘A’, ‘K’, ‘Q’, ‘J’, and ’10’ icons, they’re your bread and butter, offering up to 125 times your bet for the right combo. Then you’ve got the main acts – those high-energy Red, Orange, and Yellow Singers, paying out up to 750 times your wager when they grace the stage on your reels.

And, oh boy, the Wilds in this show – they’re as wild as a lead guitarist’s solo! Landing randomly on the reels, they sub for all but the Bonus symbols, chasing down the highest wins like a groupie after a backstage pass. Their solo performance? The Expanding Wilds explode over the reels, electrifying your wins and leaving you screaming for an encore!

Speaking of encores, the Bonus Wheel is the platinum record of features. Land three Bonus symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 and bam! Spin that wheel to snatch Encore Free Spins, the Crowd-Pleaser Bonus Game, or coin wins that’ll make your wallet as heavy as a bass line!

And let’s kneel for the Crowd-Pleaser Bonus Game – a pick-and-click marvel with levels so good it feels like a VIP pass. Grab Free Spin symbols, add picks and double your winnings if you play the crowd just right.

But wait, there’s more! Encore Free Spins dish out 10 free rocking spins with a Sticky Wild band member making your reels as legendary as the band itself. And don’t get me started on the Appetite for Destruction Wild – an overlaid cross-shaped wild that can blast your wins to the stratosphere.

Legend Spins, well, they just drop Stacked Wilds and make every re-spin a headliner. And every rockstar loves a Solo Multiplier – score between x4 and x10 on a bet line for face-melting wins.

Auto-play? You bet! Set your spins, lean back, and let the rhythms roll. And volatility? Medium baby, just like the steady beat of a rock anthem. Whether you’re a high roller with the max bet of 200 or just getting started with a modest 0.2, this slot’s got riffs for every pocket.

Strap in, the Guns N’ Roses slot is the marquee event you don’t wanna miss. This isn’t just a slot, my friend, it’s the head-banging, guitar-shredding show of a lifetime, and it’s waiting for you! 🎸🔥💰

Symbol A symbol
5 125
4 40
3 10
Symbol K symbol
5 100
4 30
3 10
Symbol Q symbol
5 75
4 25
3 5
Symbol J symbol
5 60
4 25
3 5
Symbol 10 symbol
5 50
4 20
3 5
Symbol Red Singer
5 750
4 150
3 30
Symbol Orange Singer
5 500
4 125
3 25
Symbol Yellow Singer
5 300
4 100
3 20
Symbol Guitar Pick
5 200
4 75
3 15
Symbol Blue Guitar Pick
5 150
4 50
3 15


Wild Symbol bonus Wild Symbol

Wild symbols can appear randomly anywhere on the reels, apart from on reel 3 in the Appetite for Destruction Wild, and substitute for all symbals except for Bonus symbols. Wild symbols and Expanding Wild symbols substitute for the highest possible winning combination on u bet line. Expanding Wild symbols substitute for all symbols except for the Appetite for Destruction Wild, the overlay Wild in Legend Spins ond the overlay Stacked Wild in Encore Free Spins.

Bonus Wheel bonus Bonus Wheel

3 Bonus symbols appearing anywhere on reels 1,3 and 5 in the main game, randomly award one of 3 features. The 3 Bonus features are: Encore Free spins, the Crowd-Pleaser Bonus 6ame and coin wins. The coin win amounts are displayed on the Bonus Wheel BONUS WHEEL Click the stop button to stop the wheel spinning and see which Bonus feature is activated.

Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses

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Software NetEnt Big Time Gaming Nucleus Gaming
Year 22.01.2016 21.08.2016
Max bet 200 20 15.00 900
Min bet 0.2 0.10 0.01 1.5
RTP 94.07 97.77 97.03 95.17
Volatility Medium medium
Bonus Round Yes Yes yes Yes
Autoplay Yes Yes yes No
Free Spins Yes Yes yes Yes
Multiplier Yes No yes Yes
Wild Yes Yes yes Yes
Scatter Yes Yes yes Yes
Reels 5 5 5 5
Paylines 20 30 30
Total max win x1250 248832 75000 4500000


January 17, 2024

Holden rated this game:

4 out of 5

So here I am, the phony one-dollar slot jockey, taking a crack at this Guns N' Roses slot gig, thinking it's all for the phonies who just can't get enough of that razzle-dazzle junk. The tunes? Please. They get a two out of five from me—I ain't that easy to entertain. But, boy, those bonuses and the graphics are a whole different ballgame—top-notch, really—scored a cool five out of five there. Surprising, huh? Threw down some modest bets—nothing too crazy, because who wants to hand over their dough to the big, bad casino machine? Started with some chump change and ended up losing more than I expected; down 24,190 clams but clawed back a meager 5,000. Ain't that just the way? You win some, you lose a heap more. Overall? I'm giving this money-chomping machine a four out of five, but don't go spreading it around. I've got a reputation to maintain.

Bonuses: 5

Graphics: 5

Music: 2

January 17, 2024

Jack rated this game:

2 out of 5

Ahoy, mates! Let me tell ye 'bout the time I sailed the choppy seas of the "Guns N' Roses" slot. The music was a siren's call, almost making me forget my dreadful luck with graphics and bonuses, which were as barren as a deserted island. But lo and behold, I hit a big win, making me 50,370 pieces of eight richer! I was like a pirate king until the tides turned, and I lost 6,700 to Davy Jones's Locker. Yet the thrill of the Encore Free Spins and Wilds kept me in good spirits, as I laughed in the face of defeat. Savvy?

Bonuses: 1

Graphics: 1

Music: 4

January 17, 2024

Sherlock rated this game:

3 out of 5

Upon commencing my venture into the Guns N' Roses slot, I was immediately struck by the surge of rock nostalgia enveloping the atmosphere—undeniably a five-star auditory experience that any music aficionado would extol. Nevertheless, as an analytical mind, I find myself musing over the statistical prospects presented by this digital One-Armed Bandit. The slot's medium volatility tempts me with a balance of risk and reward, palatable for my methodical indulgences. Yet, I must confess, the return-to-player (RTP) of a mere 94.07% leaves much to be desired—a deduction not befitting my taste for equitable play. While the allure of a bonus wheel and its triad of features seemed promising, my rigorous scrutiny unveiled a rather pedestrian reality: the bonuses, much like a poorly veiled clue, could benefit from additional layers of intrigue. A 2 out of 5 in that regard, I'm afraid. Graphically, I perceive this electronic facade as a dismal pastiche of vibrant icons and images—a smudge upon the canvas of NetEnt if I may be so bold. A grim one-star rating from the visual perspective, though my focus lies predominantly on the pursuit of strategic gain rather than aesthetic pleasure. In my allotment of monetary engagement, I've witnessed my virtual coffers rise and fall, ultimately settling for a profit of 14,530 units—my winnings of 41,030 comfortably eclipsing the losses of 26,500. While my overall judgment of this game is a measured 3 out of 5, taking into account its combined elements, I find myself surprisingly contented with the outcome. Engaging, yes, but for one who thrives in deciphering the cryptic and concealed, this slot is akin to a Sunday newspaper crossword—entertaining, yet lacking the complexity of a true enigma. Nevertheless, should the mood for an auditory rock spectacle paired with a whimsical flutter strike me, I might once again entertain the reels of Guns N' Roses, albeit with tempered expectations and an unerring adherence to my calculated limits.

Bonuses: 2

Graphics: 1

Music: 5

January 17, 2024

Stark rated this game:

4 out of 5

You wouldn't believe the rush I got playing Guns N' Roses slot—like stepping on stage with my Mark V suit's amplifiers cranked to 11. Bet big, lost some—almost 20k down, but that's just chump change. The game's like a concert, flashy and loud! Graphics were so-so, a 3/5, but the sound? Pure rock glory; gave it a solid 4. Bonuses dropped like epic guitar solos; I'd rate 'em a 4/5. Triggered the Bonus Wheel and BAM! Big win—over 56k! Would I play again? Absolutely. Overall, a thrilling 4/5.

Bonuses: 4

Graphics: 3

Music: 4

January 17, 2024

Vin rated this game:

3 out of 5

Stepping into the Guns N' Roses slot, I couldn't help but get revved up by the rockin' atmosphere—it's like the stage was set for a high-octane betting show. So, I cranked up the vibe with some sizeable bets, because go big or go home, right? The tunes were a bit off-key for my taste, only scoring a 1/5 on the Diesel scale, but the graphics were sleek, shining with a 4/5, making me feel like I was right in the action. The machine was throwing symbols and wilds like crazy, spinning my adrenaline even higher. The Crowd-Pleaser Bonus Game played me a solid tune—3/5 on the bonus meter. But let's talk wins and losses; the slots giveth and the slots taketh away. I got dinged with a loss, 44,060 less in the bank, and sure, I scored a win of 38,520, but in Diesel terms, that's just fuel for the fire. My luck might have been as spotty as a leopard's coat, but that's the gamble—you risk it for the biscuit. Overall, this slot's sitting at a 3/5 for me. Not quite a jackpot, but the thrill's there. Next time, I'll come back tougher and ready to conquer the reels. Remember, it's all about family and fun in this game, even when the slots show no mercy.

Bonuses: 3

Graphics: 4

Music: 1

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