We’d be thrilled to team up with you! But before we chat, let’s get to know each other a bit better.

Here at Slot.day, we’re all about fostering genuine and fruitful partnerships. So instead of getting straight into affiliate programmes, we’d be more excited to hear about:

  • The possibility of having a link to our site in your casino page’s footer or referring to us in your T&Cs as a dispute resolution platform.
  • The idea of assigning one of your brilliant staff to address reviews and complaints submitted on our site.
  • The opportunity to share a link to our site on your casino affiliate page.

If these sound like actions you’d be happy to take, we’d love to welcome you aboard. Feel free to download our logos and become an integral part of our journey. As partners, we’d happily review your casino free of charge, and ensure your brand shines on our ratings.

We understand if you’re a little hesitant about sharing our site link due to our growing traffic, and that’s okay! Some partners see this as an exciting chance to build strong, enduring relationships.

Our Contacts