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$7 500 + 250 FS on the fisrt deposit
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Hey there, slot enthusiasts! Michael here, your go-to slot blogger and casino connoisseur, ready to dive into the scintillating world of Bigger Cash Win. Grab your lucky charm and join me as we unpack the secrets to spinning these classic reels for the win of a lifetime!

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Bigger Cash Win RTP Compared to the Market

Return to Player Rate (RTP)
High Above average Average Below average Low
Bigger Cash Win 95.48 Average RTP

Bigger Cash Win Volatility

Low Low - Medium Medium Medium - High High

Ah, my fellow slot-spinning aficionado, lend me your ears and let me regale you with the wonders of Bigger Cash Win, a modern twist on the classic fruit machine that’ll transport you back to the golden age of casino glitz, with all the cherries and BARs you could dream of! Picture this: stepping up to this glamorous 3-reel beauty from the trailblazers at Rival Gaming, released on May 16, 2022, and you’re not just pulling for the small change – you’re spinning for the big money, my friend!

Feast your eyes on the 7 symbol, the titan of the paytable – nail down three of these bad boys, and you’re raking in a cool 600 smackers, no questions asked! Then there’s the luscious Cherry—pop three and you’ve bagged 450 big ones. Don’t forget the iconic Bars: 3 Bar pays 120, 2 Bar dishes out 90, and a single Bar pays 60. Catch any Bar combo, and boom, 63 bucks, just like that!

Now, hold onto your fedora – FREE SPINS, baby! Three symbols, and 15 free spins are all yours, keeping that cash flowing without touching your bankroll. Want more juice? The BONUS ROUND gets triggered with two or three special symbols, leading you to untold riches! And the WILD – what a champion, stepping in to complete your winning lines, although it won’t mess with Scatter or Bonus triggers.

Mind these few essentials: with a heart-pounding medium volatility and a respectable RTP of 95.48%, each spin could be the one that makes your day. Bet starts at a modest 0.25 and can climb to the max bet of 15 bucks. Ride the 5 paylines like a champ to victory!

If you need to keep the reels warm while you sip on that martini, fret not – the Auto feature’s at your beck and call. And hey, all this slot lingo making your head spin? Just a tap on that ‘Balance’ button and you can sneak a peek at the paytable for all the intricate details.

Now, grab that ‘Spin’ button with gusto, and may Lady Luck sing you a sweet, sweet serenade! Cheers to the wins that await in Bigger Cash Win, my slot-slaying comrade!

Symbol 7 symbol
3 600.00
Symbol Cherry
3 450.00
Symbol 3 Bar
3 120.00
Symbol 2 Bar
3 90.00
Symbol Bar
3 60.00
Symbol Any Bar
3 63.00







Wild symbols will replace any other symbols te form a winning line. They do not replace Scatter symbols. When applicable, only the highest multiplier in a win line is applied. wild substitutes for all except scatter and bonus or trigger

Bigger Cash Win

Bigger Cash Win

Diamond Strike

Diamond Strike

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

300 Shields

300 Shields

Software Rival Gaming Pragmatic Play Bally NextGen
Year 16.05.2022 29.09.2017 10.06.2022 15.05.2014
Max bet 15.00 75.00 80 12.50
Min bet 0.25 0.15 0.4 0.01
RTP 95.48 96.48 96 95.299
Volatility Medium Medium Medium High
Bonus Round Yes Yes Yes Yes
Autoplay Yes No Yes No
Free Spins Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiplier No No Yes Yes
Wild Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scatter Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reels 3 5 5 5
Paylines 5 15 25 25
Total max win x2500


February 9, 2024

Holden rated this game:

3 out of 5

So there I was, diving into the "Bigger Cash Win" like some hotshot, you know? This classic slot, all shimmering, trying to seduce me with cherries and bars. I started with modest bets, not planning to give these phonies much of my dough. Out of nowhere, this slot, this inanimate bandit, dazzles me with a symphony of free spins—15 of 'em! I was hitting 7s like it was my birthday. Wild symbols falling into place like obedient schoolchildren. And boom! My balance skyrocketed to 40 grand. But the universe has a sick sense of humor. Soon after, the slot went cold, eating my winnings faster than you can say 'phony.' Ended up with just pocket change and the indifferent shrug only a well-seasoned cynic like me can pull off.

Bonuses: 3

Graphics: 5

Music: 1

February 9, 2024

Jack rated this game:

4 out of 5

Arr mateys, let me tell ye 'bout the time I set sail on the "Bigger Cash Win" slot's tempestuous reels. It was as classic as a peg leg yet vibrant as a parrot's plumage. Betting my pieces of eight, ranging from a modest doubloon to the heft of a captain's ransom, I was after that siren call of clinking coins. The spin button was my compass, leading me through a sea of sevens and cherries, riding high on the waves with a colossal win of 52,250! But, as the tides turn, so did me luck. A maelstrom of spins left me marooned with a loss of 30,690. Despite the squall, it was the allure of free spins and hidden treasure in the bonus rounds that kept me spirits buoyant. 4 out of 5 stars, says I, for I'm Captain Jack Sparrow, and this be just another legendary tale at the slots!

Bonuses: 4

Graphics: 5

Music: 3

February 9, 2024

Sherlock rated this game:

3 out of 5

Ah, Bigger Cash Win—an interesting diversion from my usual analytical pursuits. While its classic theme is far from visually compelling, rating a mere 1 out of 5 in graphics, the chance of strategic win was not to be dismissed. The clangorous soundtrack left much to be desired, with my score stopping at 2 out of 5. Despite this, the bonus rounds were quite the saving grace—meticulously designed to pique any player's interest, meriting a full 5 out of 5. And when I chanced upon the free spins, my frustration from previous losses, which had mounted to 14,230, dissolved as gratifying victory ensued, gifting me 36,400 in return. The frequency of these bonuses was commendable; I'd say a steady 4 out of 5. Though initially skeptical, the blend of risk and reward kept me vested. Would I indulge in Bigger Cash Win again? Perhaps, if the mood strikes—overall, it's earned a solid 3 out of 5.

Bonuses: 5

Graphics: 1

Music: 2

February 9, 2024

Stark rated this game:

1 out of 5

Alright, let's talk "Bigger Cash Win." The name's got a certain charm that promises big bucks, and you know Tony Stark's all about that action. Rolled the reels with the swagger of a high roller, lining up those lucky 7s like I'm aiming a repulsor beam. The tech's decent—Rival Gaming knows their circuitry—but let's not pretend this is cutting-edge Stark tech. Caught the free spins, which, let's be honest, always amp up the mood. But for a guy who deals with AI on a daily basis, the bonuses felt underwhelming. Like bringing a bicycle to a drag race, folks. Finally, the numbers: I took a hit initially, but Stark never dwells on losses. Push through, adjust the strategy, and bam—ended up on top with a decent win. The graphics and music? Listen, I've seen better on a '90s arcade machine, and the soundtrack felt like hold music. Overall, let's just say my AI could design a better slot in its sleep mode. Stark Industries quality seal? Denied. But for a classic spin-and-win with a twist of tech? Could be your game. Just don't expect an Iron Man suit flair. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I've got to recalibrate Jarvis for better entertainment standards.

Bonuses: 1

Graphics: 1

Music: 1

February 9, 2024

Vin rated this game:

5 out of 5

Stepping into the Bigger Cash Win slot, I felt that familiar rush—the clink of virtual coins, the whirr of spinning reels. The classic vibe, with its cherry and bar symbols, reminds me of old-school Vegas. I'm not just here to play; I'm here to dominate. I start with confidence, throwing down larger bets. I've always said, "Go big or go home," and today, I'm not going anywhere. After a few intense spins, the mood is electric; I can almost feel the voltage in my veins. Then it happened—I hit three Free Spin symbols. Blood pumping, I watch as the reels become a blur of motion. The Free Spins round—what a thrill! The reels lined up like stars in a Fast and Furious night sky. And when I saw those three 7 symbols align, jackpot! From a deficit to a profit, my balance soared from a loss of $37,990 to a win of $52,990. It's not just about the money; it's about the win, the chase, the victory. The music? A solid 5 out of 5—it sets the mood perfectly, like the soundtrack to an action-packed scene. And those bonuses—I give them a 4 out of 5. The adrenaline spike when that bonus round kicked in was unreal! The graphics? They blend nostalgia with modern sleekness, earning a well-deserved 4 out of 5. Winning in style is just my thing. Overall, I rate Bigger Cash Win a 5 out of 5. It's got that Diesel-approved blend of risk and reward. Would I play again? Without a doubt. Remember, it's all about family—and today, this slot was family.

Bonuses: 4

Graphics: 4

Music: 5

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