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Hey there, fellow slot aficionados! Michael here, your trusty slot blogger and casino connoisseur, ready to guide you through the vibrant orchards of the "Wild Cherry" slot. As a seasoned veteran of the spinning reels, I'm absolutely thrilled to share my insider tips and the sweet secrets behind this fruit-themed sensation that's rapidly become a fan favorite in the slot community.

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Wild Cherry Volatility

Low Low - Medium Medium Medium - High High

Hey there, rookie! Welcome to the glitz and glitter of the casino world where the “Wild Cherry” slot machine reigns supreme! This 5-reel, 40-payline masterpiece is a fruit extravaganza, with a twist of high-tech charm. Get ready to indulge in a juicy adventure!

Let’s talk symbols; we’ve got kiwis, plums, bananas, and a lineup of classic card symbols. The kiwis are the star of the show – line up five of those emerald beauties and you’ll bank a whopping 400 times your bet! Even a trio will land you a sweet 80 times payout.

But the real allure lies in the bonus features! “Wild Cherry” symbols? Oh, they’re not just wild – they expand into epic 1×2 or 2×2 symbols and can skyrocket your winnings with multipliers up to 3x your bet! Imagine seeing those cherries align, it’s a thing of beauty – and profit!

Watermelon Crush is where it’s at – a 3×2 melon squashes down into a giant 1×3 symbol and flings extra slices across the reels. Messy? Maybe, but those splats can translate into cash!

As for lemons, they’re not sour in this game. Squeeze ’em and they could squirt out up to 3x your bet in instant cash rewards. Sweetness perfected!

Or take a spin with the Orange of Fortune – it’s your VIP pass to the Wheel of Fortune. We’re talking cash prizes that might just make you faint – up to 200 times your bet! Plus, up to 20 free spins or a dazzling 10x bet multiplier with a re-spin!

Speaking of free spins, land three scatter symbols, pick your citrus and voila – up to 20 free spins, just like that. During these free spin rounds, my friend, the game morphs into a 243-ways-to-win wonderland!

Now, betting is a breeze – just click the plus or minus to set your stake, and press that spin button or spacebar to start raking in those winnings. Want to fast forward to the riches? Click again to skip the animations!

Got all that? Great! With a 96% Return to Player, we’re talking serious playtime with frequent hits. So grab a cocktail, settle in, and let the vibrant visuals and thrilling features of Wild Cherry slot transport you to a place where the cherries are always ripe and the winnings are oh so sweet! Ready to spin? Luck be a cherry tonight!

Symbol Kiwi
5 400
4 200
3 80
Symbol Pulm
5 200
4 100
3 40
Symbol Banana
5 100
4 50
3 20
Symbol A symbol
5 50
4 25
3 10
Symbol K symbol
5 40
4 20
3 8
Symbol Q symbol
5 30
4 15
3 6
Symbol J symbol
5 20
4 10
3 4
Symbol 10 symbol
5 10
4 5
3 2


Wild Cherry bonus Wild Cherry

Cherry symbols act as Wilds, appear over stopped reels and can expand to 1x2 or 2x2 mega symbols of cherries giving: - Paylines won through a 1x2 Wild Cherry symbol pays x2 bet - Paylines won through a 2x2 Wild Cherry symbol pays x3 bet.

Watermelon Crush bonus Watermelon Crush

Whenever the watermelon 3x2 (or 2x3 during free spins) is fully visible on the bottom most row, it will crush on landing becoming a 1x3 symbol and shoot out 4 more 1x1 slices of watermelon over non-watermelon spots in the reels

Make a Lemonade bonus Make a Lemonade

Whenever a lemon lands on the row of the Juice palms you squeeze out a cash reward of 1x,2x or 3x bet randomly.

Orange of Fortune bonus Orange of Fortune

When a fully visible "Bonus" orange symbols appear anywhere on the reels, you will be awarded with a free spin on the Wheel of Fortune. You can get any of the following rewards: - Cash Prize #1 – 200x bet - Cash Prize #2 – 50x bet - Cash Prize #3 – 25x bet - Cash Prize #4 – 10x bet - Cash Prize #5 – 5x bet - 10 Free games - 15 Free games - 20 Free games - 10xBet Multiplier and Re-Spin on the Wheel of Fortune!

Free Spins bonus Free Spins

Triggers when 3 scatter symbols appear in full view - choose one to win free spins

Wild Cherry

Wild Cherry

Pixies of the Forest

Pixies of the Forest

Ultimate Fire Link China Street

Ultimate Fire Link China Street

Dancing Drums

Dancing Drums

Software PanPlay IGT Light and Wonder SG Gaming
Year 10.01.2012 20.06.2022
Max bet 20 33 10 220
Min bet 0.40 0.33 0.2 0.80
RTP 93.95 95.97 96.06
Volatility Low Yes
Bonus Round Yes Yes No Yes
Autoplay Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Spins Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiplier Yes No Yes No
Wild Yes Yes Yes
Scatter No Yes No No
Reels 5 5 5 5
Paylines 40 99 50 243
Total max win x2000 250000


January 24, 2024

Holden rated this game:

3 out of 5

Boy, if you’re thinking about this Wild Cherry slot, well, let me tell you, it’s a phony carnival with its flashing kiwis and dancing bananas. They try to dazzle you with big words like "expanding wilds" and "wheel of fortune," but all that razzle-dazzle is just to hook you – hook you good and proper. Got sucked into picking free spins like some lousy date at the carnival, only without the chance of winning a teddy bear for your troubles. Surprisingly, I did okay – made a few bucks, which I reckon is more luck than anything those crummy slot machines could ever plan. But still, it’s all a game to them. They let you win a little, so you think you're hot stuff, then bam, the big win is always just one more spin away. And the music? It’s supposed to make you feel all peachy as you watch your dough go, but it just got me more rattled. Bonuses and graphics are fair, I guess, but nothing to write home about. Overall, I’d give it a straight 3 – it's not a complete waste of time, but I'm not about to blow my whole wad on it. And hey, if you're feeling lucky, take a spin, but just remember the house – it always, always has the edge.

Bonuses: 3

Graphics: 3

Music: 3

January 24, 2024

Jack rated this game:

3 out of 5

Ahoy, maties! Let me tell ye 'bout me caper with this dastardly contraption they call "Wild Cherry." There I was, navigating the seven reels with a belly full of fire and a wager set to make even Davy Jones himself wary. With me mood as stormy as the sea, I unleashed the spins. The music? As tantalizing as a siren's call, but no match for a good shanty. Yet, the graphics—simpler than a map to buried treasure—kept me eyes entertained. The bonuses, shimmerin' like a chest of gold, were as plentiful as the stars, grantin' me a hearty 4 out of 5 on the Jack Sparrow scale o' delight. Now, within the heart of the game, where lemons are squeezed into sweet, sweet coins and cherries as wild as the untamed ocean, I was ensnared. I found meself with a haul of 68,880, grinning like a fool with pockets overflowin'. But fortune, she's as fickle as the wind. In mere moments, I watched 20,450 pieces of eight slip through me fingers, like trying to clutch the sea itself. So I gave this "Wild Cherry" a solid 3 out of 5, for she's a fierce tempest of fun dashed with a sprinkle of sour—a reminder that even ol' Jack Sparrow can ride high on the waves, only to be dunked by the briny deep the next. Savvy?

Bonuses: 4

Graphics: 3

Music: 2

January 24, 2024

Sherlock rated this game:

3 out of 5

Ah, the electronic symphony of "Wild Cherry" was rather captivating, a perfect score there — it ensnared my senses as I delved into this colorful digital orchard. Sadly, the foliage of graphics was rather pedestrian, a mere 2 out of 5, I'm afraid. The features, though promising a cavalcade of fruity delights, fell short of my expectations, scoring dismally in my analytical ledger. An instance of excitement bubbled up as I engaged the 'Orange of Fortune'. The wheel spun, the tension akin to the final twist in a caper, and lo! A hefty 200x windfall was bagged. That moment was a rare brilliance in an otherwise mundane sequence of events, pushing my winnings above my losses. In totality, I would say the frequency of bonuses was rather middling, therefore a 3 out of 5. Though it's not my preferred field, I might stroll through these orchards once more, solely for the aural pleasure. Overall, it merits a solid 3 out of 5.

Bonuses: 1

Graphics: 2

Music: 5

January 24, 2024

Stark rated this game:

4 out of 5

So, I'm spinning the reels on Wild Cherry, high-tech style, and let me tell you, the graphics—a solid 5/5—pure eye-candy! Kiwis, bananas, and those cherries? They make the holograms in my lab look dull. I hit this insane bonus, "Orange of Fortune," and bam! I'm rolling in a 61310 win after an initial painful 24700 loss. The bonuses drop like my repulsor blasts, giving it a 5/5, but the music? Meh, a paltry 1/5, not my tempo. Would I play again? Absolutely, the tech vibe’s irresistible. Solid 4/5 for Wild Cherry. Total blast!

Bonuses: 5

Graphics: 5

Music: 1

January 24, 2024

Vin rated this game:

3 out of 5

So, there I was, in front of Wild Cherry, feeling like this slot had the punch of a Charger engine – until the graphics hit. I mean, c'mon, my car's dashboard has more pixels than these fruits. But hey, the thrill? That's what I'm here for. Started spinning those reels with the confidence of Dom Torretto on a quarter mile – betting not pennies, but laying down 20 bucks a spin, like it was NOS in my tank. The music was a solid three outta five. Not exactly a blockbuster score, but it had me bobbing my head while I chased those Wild Cherry bonuses like it was the last heist of my life. And boom! The Orange of Fortune smiled on me, granted me that sweet Wheel spin and I nailed a 200x bet multiplier. Like I just pulled off a perfect bank vault snatch in Rio. But that win was just a nosy cop in the rearview, 'cause the slots can be as unpredictable as a nitro-fueled drag race. Not long after my big score, I was caught off guard, and my luck turned faster than a twist in a 'Fast and Furious' script. Ended up losing a whopping 23,520 - felt like I just watched my ride go up in flames. But let me tell you, through the sour taste of digital lemons and the low-res bananas, I had a blast. That's the game, right? You win some, you lose some, but you always drive away ready for the next challenge. Overall? I give this slot a three outta five - funny, wild, but could use an upgrade under the hood.

Bonuses: 4

Graphics: 1

Music: 3

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