La Mina de Oro slot review

$7 500 + 250 FS on the fisrt deposit
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Hey there, fellow slot aficionados! Michael here, your trusted slot blogger and casino connoisseur, always on the hunt for the most exhilarating games that the casino floor has to offer. Today, I'm absolutely buzzing to guide you through the glittering caverns of "La Mina de Oro", where every spin could unearth a fortune.

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    Diamond, Mine

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La Mina de Oro RTP Compared to the Market

Return to Player Rate (RTP)
High Above average Average Below average Low
La Mina de Oro 90 Low RTP

La Mina de Oro Volatility

Low Low - Medium Medium Medium - High High

Listen up, partner! Have you heard of the slot game that’s got everyone diggin’ for riches? It’s “La Mina de Oro”, a sparkling gem chock-full of opportunities to strike it rich. Now, the core of this game’s brilliance is in its dazzling symbols, each with its own payout power. Land yourself three Blue Diamonds, and you’ll feel like casino royalty with a glittering 80 times your bet! The Red and Green Diamonds aren’t too shabby, either, with 20 and 10 times your stake for a triplet, respectively.

But wait, there’s more shining goodness! Those classic fruits and bells? They’ve still got the juice – with a lineup of Bells netting you 6 times your bet, and a fruity cocktail of Lemons, Oranges, Grapes, and Plums granting smaller yet juicy rewards. And get this – any trio of Diamonds will keep your wallet warm with a payout.

Now, let’s talk thrills because “La Mina de Oro” packs them in spades! If you’re feeling gutsy, there’s a whole slew of bonus wonders. Line up those BONUS symbols and you’re golden – with up to 6 BONUS creds up for grabs. But that’s just for starters.

Got a wild streak? The WILD symbol is your best buddy, mingling with any figure to boost your shot at a win. And as for the UPPER GAME – that’s where the real adventure kicks in. Save up your BONUS and credits to unlock this bonanza, where you can risk a slice of your prize for a chance to double it or snag equivalent BONUS credits. Not your style? Simply collect your win and grin.

Feeling like pushing your luck? The Main Game is your playground! Gamble your prize for a chance to ascend to a higher payoff or nab more BONUS credits. Reach the line of three Bells, and watch the game transform into an UP DOWN frenzy, where your potential prizes zigzag on the prize plan.

And just when you thought I’d spilled all the coins, surprise – there’s the BONUS GAMES! Grab 3 Mines, Ingots, Wagons, or Moneys in the right game mode, and you’ll unlock the doors to spectacular mini-games, like the Mine Game and the thrilling Roulette Game. The stakes are high, the payouts are handsome, and those reels are just begging to spin.

So, my friend, “La Mina de Oro” ain’t your average one-armed bandit. It’s a slot sensation with heart-thumping features like AUTO PLAY and NUDGES that can push you closer to the win of a lifetime. Remember, with a single payline and three reels spinning faster than a gunslinger’s draw, this digital diamond mine has everything a high-roller like you could ask for. Gear up, place your bets, from the humblest 1 to the boldest max of 5, and let’s get those reels smokin’!

Symbol Blue Diamond
3 80
Symbol Red Diamond
3 20
Symbol Green Diamond
3 10
Symbol Bell
3 6
Symbol Lemon
3 5
Symbol Orange
3 4
Symbol Grape
3 3
Symbol Plum
3 2
Symbol Any Diamond
3 1



x3 6 BONUS x2 2 BONUS x1 1 BONUS


Combines with any figure


In order to participate in this game, sufficient bonuses and credits are necessary. Each time a prize is won, except for the "Blue 7" prize, players have the option to either risk a part of their prize or collect it. This choice is available until no portions remain. Opting to risk a portion gives the player a chance to either double that portion or receive its equivalent value in bonuses.

Main Game bonus Main Game

In this game, players have the option to either risk their prize by pressing the "Play" button or collect it by pressing the "Collect" button. If the prize is risked, the player will either receive an amount equivalent to one level higher prize or the same amount in bonuses. When the "Three Bells" line is reached, the game enters an "Up-Down" mode, where potential prizes increase or decrease according to the prize plan.


In the main game, collecting three mines grants access to the Mine Game.


Collecting three ingots in the upper game unlocks access to the Stair Game.


In the upper game, gathering three wagons grants access to the Stop Convoy Game.


In the upper game, acquiring three moneys provides access to the Roulette Game.

La Mina de Oro

La Mina de Oro

Sizzling Hot Deluxe

Sizzling Hot Deluxe

Jack Hammer

Jack Hammer

Marvelous Mouse Coin Combo

Marvelous Mouse Coin Combo

Software MGA Games Novomatic NetEnt Light and Wonder
Year 13.11.2007 23.07.2011 27.04.2021
Max bet 5 1000 250 88.00
Min bet 1 5 0.25 0.22
RTP 90 95.66% 96.96 96.26
Volatility Medium Low Medium
Bonus Round Yes Yes Yes Yes
Autoplay Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Spins No No Yes Yes
Multiplier No No Yes No
Wild Yes No Yes Yes
Scatter No Yes No Yes
Reels 3 5 5 3
Paylines 1 5 25 243
Total max win 1000000 x2840


December 24, 2023

Holden rated this game:

2 out of 5

I gotta say, "La Mina de Oro" slot sounded phony from a mile away, with all its blue, red, and whatnot diamonds. And that whole spiel about bonus games and upper games—smells of adult phonies trying to sell you dreams that are more crooked than a politician. So, I spun the reels just for kicks, and guess what? I ended up with a bit more dough than I started with, but still, this whole racket's got as much charm as a meatloaf. The music? It's like listening to nails on a chalkboard. Grafico, bonuses – they were all a big yawn. Overall? 2 outta 5 – it's a catcher in the rye field of slots, only without the catcher.

Bonuses: 2

Graphics: 2

Music: 1

December 24, 2023

Jack rated this game:

4 out of 5

Ahoy mateys, gather 'round as I spin ye a yarn about "La Mina de Oro," a virtual treasure trove glitterin' with diamonds and risk. Betwixt the reels I set sail, wagerin' with a devil-may-care finesse. Lemme tell ye about the time I hit a stroke of luck, snaggin' the glitterin' Blue Diamond thrice! The coins poured in like a galleon's bounty—7,320 pieces of eight to be exact. But 'twas not all smooth sailin'. The sea of chance turned rough, and I found meself drawn into the siren call of the BONUS. I dared to risk it all in that Upper Game, aimin' to double me winnings, only to see me loot plundered by a string of scurvy spins. Arrr, 16,430 doubloons slipped through me fingers like silken sand. The design, aye, the reels shone with jewels fit for a pirate king, the music a rousin' tune steady as the rolling deep. The bonuses, a mixed chest—some as beguilin' as mermaids, others as elusive as the Fountain of Youth. Despite the sways of fortune, the game kept me spirits aloft, a true buccaneer's delight, with every spin a new adventure on the high seas of chance.

Bonuses: 3

Graphics: 3

Music: 4

December 24, 2023

Sherlock rated this game:

3 out of 5

Ah, 'La Mina de Oro', an intriguing excavation into the world of online slots. Despite the melodies grating my nerves, akin to a violin played with a saw, the bonus structuring is quite the lure – elementary in its approach yet offering a coal seam of potential winnings. The graphics, however, are as rudimentary as a doodle by Lestrade – hardly a feast for my astute eyes. But let's not be hasty; with a win substantially outweighing the loss, the pursuit of such in-game riches through a labyrinth of strategic gambles speaks to the detective in me. Sherlock Holmes and the case of the clandestine casino caper, indeed.

Bonuses: 5

Graphics: 1

Music: 2

December 24, 2023

Stark rated this game:

4 out of 5

Playing "La Mina de Oro" was like diving into a tech wonderland, Stark style. The graphics were sleek – diamonds and gold mines, very me – a solid 4/5. The tingling sound of a near win had my heart racing, music to my ears, a well-deserved 4. The bonuses, oh boy, they popped up often, I'd rate them a 4 too. I hit a wild, my pulse spiked, and the coins kept flowing. Though I dropped 15,300, I crafted a comeback with a 53,810 win. Would I play again? Absolutely. Overall, a flashy 4/5 for this high-tech gamble fest.

Bonuses: 4

Graphics: 4

Music: 4

December 24, 2023

Vin rated this game:

3 out of 5

So there I was, feeling like a big shot at "La Mina de Oro," muscles tensed, the electric vibe of the casino humming around me. I went in with my usual flair, dropping max bets like they were hot—5 credits a pop. The reels spun, and those diamonds, they flashed like stars in some underground treasure hunt. At first, the slot's music and bonuses had me; I felt like I was mining for gold. Scored a sweet chain of Blue Diamonds, and boom! 15130 in winnings. I was on a high, feeling untouchable. But the slots, they're like a feisty challenger in the ring—they hit back. Got too cocky, took the risk option every time—more gamble than a drag race on ice. The reels turned cold, my fortune flipped, and just like a high-speed chase with one wrong turn, I crashed from my win streak down to a whopping loss of 14170. The graphics? Let's just say the designers must've been sipping too hard on that nos. But the thrill? Like a nitrous boost to the heart, even when the screen blurs like a bad tattoo. Despite the hit, I had to laugh, 'cause in this game of slots, you've gotta risk it to get the biscuit. Or in my case, the diamond. Overall, a solid 3 out of 5—rough around the edges but a wild ride all the same.

Bonuses: 3

Graphics: 1

Music: 3

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