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Hey there, slot lovers! Michael here, your seasoned slot blogger and casino connoisseur, ready to guide you through the sensational world of "Chiquito"—a game that promises thrills, laughs, and the chance to strike it rich with every vibrant spin. Fasten your seatbelts, because we're about to dive into a slot experience that's as flavorful and fiery as a plate of paella!

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Chiquito RTP Compared to the Market

Return to Player Rate (RTP)
High Above average Average Below average Low
Chiquito 95 Average RTP

Chiquito Volatility

Low Low - Medium Medium Medium - High High

Oh, buddy, you’re in for a wild ride with “Chiquito”! This game, it’s not just a slot, it’s a fiery fiesta of colors and sounds that’ll get your heart racing faster than a spinning reel! Developed by the masters over at MGA Games, Chiquito’s got that classic charm with a punch of humor—classic, like vintage Vegas, but with a spicy Spanish twist. Released back on the 8th of January, 2018, it’s seasoned just right for players hankering for some nostalgic vibes.

Now let’s talk turkey—those payline winnings. Picture this: You line up those Red 7s, and boom! 1000 coins, just like that! And it doesn’t stop there, Yellow 7s will bag you 200, Blue 7s a cool 40—hey, don’t underestimate the power of a good Blue 7 hit. Lemons and Cherries might seem small fry with 20 and 4 coins, but they add zest to every spin!

Bonus features? Chiquito’s got them in spades! Land those “BONUS” symbols and you’ll be on cloud nine—it’s like your very own slot piñata with 5, 10, up to 30 bonuses just waiting to explode! And those vertical lines—they’re your golden tickets to the top game, where real magic happens.

This slot’s got Nudges, baby, let you finagle those reels like a pro croupier. And if you’re feeling like a high roller on a hot streak, max out that bet to 1000, or keep it cool with a minimum of 2; perfect for stretching out the fun. With a 95% RTP, volatility set at medium—this machine’s giving you that “just right” thrills, not too hot, not too cold.

The AUTOPLAY function is your sidekick, keeping those reels hot while you sit back and savor the show. And HOLDS, like a good partner, they’ve got your back, giving you control to pull off that winning combo.

But wait, there’s more! Chiquito’s grinning face is your key to the kingdom with FOUR different bonus games. Every bonus round—Flamenco Game, Dressing Room Game, Freeday Game, and The Show Game—they’re like hitting the jackpot at a fiesta!

So grab your sombrero and let’s get spinning on “Chiquito”! With wilds that play nice with any figure and more minigames than you can shake a castanet at, you’re in for an unforgettable adventure. Just remember, in “Chiquito,” every spin is a chance to dance with fortune!

Symbol Red 7
3 1000
Symbol Yellow 7
3 200
Symbol Blue 7
3 40
Symbol Lemon
3 20
Symbol Orange
3 16
Symbol Grape
3 12
Symbol Plum
3 8
Symbol Cherry
3 4
Symbol Any 7
3 2



x1 5 BONUS x2 10 BONUS x3 30 BONUS


Increases your vertical line counter in the top game

with any
figure bonus Combines with any figure


Peacock Beauty

Peacock Beauty

Captain Jack

Captain Jack

Napoleon And Josephine

Napoleon And Josephine

Software MGA Games AGS Tuko Productions WMS
Year 08.01.2018 13.07.2021 01.12.2018
Max bet 1000 88 1 100
Min bet 2 0.88 0.01 0.50
RTP 95 96.08 96.35 97.03
Volatility Medium Hight Medium
Bonus Round Yes Yes Yes no
Autoplay Yes No Yes yes
Free Spins Yes Yes Yes yes
Multiplier No Yes Yes yes
Wild Yes Yes Yes yes
Scatter No Yes Yes no
Reels 3 4 3 5
Paylines 1 5 20 24
Total max win 1024 10000


January 13, 2024

Holden rated this game:

4 out of 5

Yeah, so I'm rolling the dice on this "Chiquito" slot, right? I'm no high-roller, but dropping a couple of bucks here and there, it gives you that cheap thrill. These slots, with the red sevens and the fruit salad of lemons and cherries, they're like a metaphor for life or something—dangling hope on a string with a lousy win-to-lose ratio. I hit some bonuses, which ain't half bad, got my blood pumping with that Flamenco bonus game. Still, the graphics are as phony as a two-dollar bill, though the tunes are catchy enough. Ended up with a bit more dough than I started, but don't get me wrong—it's all a circus act, a rigged game where the house is the ringleader.

Bonuses: 5

Graphics: 2

Music: 4

January 13, 2024

Jack rated this game:

4 out of 5

Ahoy there, mateys! Gather 'round and let me spin ye a yarn of me exploits with the capricious mistress that be "Chiquito" slot. 'Twas a fine day to sail the high seas of fortune, filled with the clinkin' of coins and the thrill of chance. With me purse brimming, I wagered grand on her, laughin' in the face of danger, as I'm known to do. The reels spun like a tempest, and lo and behold, the Red 7's lined up like soldiers salutin' their captain - a jackpot of a thousand times me bet! The music was as lackluster as a barnacle's banquet, but the bonuses sang sweeter than a siren's call, fillin' me coffers to the brim. Yet, as the tides turn, so did me luck. The reels mocked me with lemons and cherries, snatchin' away me gold quicker than you can say "scallywag". Left in an angry squall, me winnings plundered by that saucy slot, I couldn't help but marvel at the adventure it'd been. Aye, she might've taken me treasure, but she left me with a tale worth tellin'.

Bonuses: 5

Graphics: 3

Music: 2

January 13, 2024

Sherlock rated this game:

4 out of 5

Upon engaging with the vibrant reels of "Chiquito", I was immediately amused by the juxtaposition of its simplistic graphics and the complexity of its bonus features, akin to judging an unassuming bistro that serves surprisingly exquisite cuisine. With a strategic bet of 5 credits - a nod to my conservative nature - I reveled in the gratifying clangs and jubilant jingles accompanying each spin. Fortune favored me during a foray into the Flamenco bonus game, where my calculated wagers danced in harmony with the clicking castanets, culminating in a splendid windfall of 13,720 credits. My mood, though analytical as usual, was tickled by the humorous undertones of the game's design. The wins arrived with a flourish, inflating my balance like a proud peacock's plumes, while losses were met with a stoic grimace but no less fascination. Yet the winds of chance are ever capricious, and an ill-timed venture saw me part with 6,680 credits, a painful yet intriguing study in probability. Despite this, the cerebral challenge and the allure of victory kept my spirits buoyed and my curiosity piqued.

Bonuses: 5

Graphics: 2

Music: 5

January 13, 2024

Stark rated this game:

3 out of 5

Alright, listen up, because you're about to hear how Tony Stark—yes, that's me—dove headfirst into the dazzling, yet deceptively classic slot spectacle known as Chiquito. At first glance, you've got these juicy 7s and fruits, tempting enough, but let me tell you about the tech. This slot's like a sleek suit of armor without the shiny exterior. Sure, the music was a droning one-man-band that even my AI would've napped through, and the graphics? A throwback to the days when I tinkered in my dad's garage. So there I was, navigating through nudges with the casual flick of a finger and triggering auto-plays like they were Friday night lights in Vegas. My bets? Bold as ever, swinging the full thousand because go big or go home, right? Boom, enter the bonus rounds—Jackpot City! Flashes of neon, my credits soaring—40760, baby! But then, the luck tailed off faster than a Quinjet with engine trouble, and suddenly I'm down by 18490. Ouch. Overall, it was the charm of the bonus games that kept this tech tycoon tinkering with the bet buttons—giving it an even overall score of 'Definitely worth the thrill, despite the pocket dent.' Cheers to the rollercoaster that didn’t even need a repulsor lift!

Bonuses: 5

Graphics: 1

Music: 1

January 13, 2024

Vin rated this game:

4 out of 5

So, I was feeling indifferent—just kickin’ back with some slots action, you know? Rolled into "Chiquito," which made me feel like I was back in an old-school joint, all flashy lights and retro vibes. Started spinning, and my bets? Go big or go home, baby—slammed down a hefty 1000. At first, music's pumping me up, a solid 5/5—I'm vibing. The bonuses? Hell yeah, they're coming at me faster than cars in a street race—full score there too! But let's talk graphics. Picture this: It's like someone threw the 80s at a fruit salad and called it art—a total bust, 1/5! Now, here comes the fun part. I hit the "FLAMENCO GAME" and my screen's lit up like the Fourth of July! Coins are raining down like they're going out of style; I'm up 20,330 and I'm the king of the world! But hold up! No good story comes without a twist. I get cocky, start hitting that max bet like it's nobody's business. Suddenly, the slots turn colder than a showdown with an action flick rival. Down 48,990 and my pride's gotta take the punchline this time. Overall, though? Still thrillin', still killin'—4/5, ride or die, baby!

Bonuses: 5

Graphics: 1

Music: 5

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