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Hey there, slot lovers! Michael here, your go-to casino expert and the wizard behind the reels with a keen eye for those jackpot spells. I'm about to whisk you away into the enchanting realm of "Zoltar Speaks," where fortunes are told, and wins can be bold, so buckle up for a mystical slot adventure that you won't forget!

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Zoltar Speaks RTP Compared to the Market

Return to Player Rate (RTP)
High Above average Average Below average Low
Zoltar Speaks 95 Average RTP

Zoltar Speaks Volatility

Low Low - Medium Medium Medium - High High

Alright, my fellow slot aficionado! You’re about to dive into the mystical world of “Zoltar Speaks,” a treasure among slot games that will test your luck and potentially fill your pockets with gold!

Picture this: We’re standing before a 3-reel slot masterpiece, with its enchanting fortune teller theme oozing magic at every spin. Now, focus on the reel numbers because that’s where the magic happens. Zoltar—you know, the iconic symbol of destiny from the movies—appears on the first, second, and third reel, but not just anywhere. He’s a picky mystic; he’ll only grace the first reel with his base presence, but trust me, when he shows up, it’s wild!

But hold your horses, ’cause Zoltar’s true power is in his multipliers. On reel two, if the stars align and the 3x Zoltar lands, your win triples. And reel three? That’s where dreams are made, my friend, with a 5x Zoltar that multiplies your winnings again!

Now, let’s boost those thrills. Land any of these elusive Zoltar symbols on an active payline, and you’re golden! But, oh, combine the 3x with the 5x? My dear player, that’s a spectacular 15x multiplier making your win soar to dizzying heights. And let’s not forget the Respin Bonus—certain combos will have those reels spinning again, with extra chances to rake in more prizes.

With options like autoplay, you can sit back, sip on your fancy cocktail, and watch the fortunes unfold. Remember—no free spins or scatter here, but with a medium volatility and an RTP of 95%, this game promises a fair share of excitement and potential payouts.

Place bets that range from a humble 0.25 to a heart-racing 125, ideal for both cautious bettors and high rollers craving the adrenaline rush. Although devoid of a wild feature, the core excitement in “Zoltar Speaks” lies in those multipliers and the mysterious allure of what your future holds!

So, are you ready to see if Zoltar speaks in your favor? Fellow enthusiast, let’s spin those reels and let the fates decide!

Symbol Zoltar speaks
3 4000
Symbol Zoltar 3x
3 4000
Symbol Zoltar 5x
3 4000
Symbol 777 symbol
3 200
Symbol 77 symbol
3 150
Symbol 7 symbol
3 100
Symbol Any 7
3 30
Symbol 3 Bar
3 50
Symbol 2 Bar
3 20
Symbol Bar
3 10
Symbol Any Bar
3 5


Zoltar speaks bonus Zoltar speaks

The Zoltar Speaks symbol appears only on reel 1 and pays one credt or is wild for non-Zoltar symbols to make winning combinations. The Zoltar Speaks 3X symbol appears only on roel 2 and pays three cradits or is wild for non-Zoltar symbols multiplying 3X winning combinations. The Zoltar Speaks 5X symbol appears only on reel 3 and pays five credits or Is wild for non-Zoltar symbols multiplying 5X winning combinations. Any Zoltar Speaks symbol pays only when landing on an active payline. Gombining 3X and 5X multiplios 15X winning combination on the payline.

Zoltar Speaks

Zoltar Speaks

Book of Ra

Book of Ra

Crystal Star

Crystal Star

Big Thunder

Big Thunder

Software Everi Greentube, Novomatic Everi Ainsworth
Year 20.09.2019 11.04.2008 13.10.2013
Max bet 125 1800 45 100.00
Min bet 0.25 1 9 0.01
RTP 95 95.1% 94.38
Volatility Medium High Hight
Bonus Round No No Yes No
Autoplay Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Spins No No No Yes
Multiplier Yes No Yes No
Wild No Yes No Yes
Scatter No Yes No Yes
Reels 3 5 3 5
Paylines 5 10 9 30
Total max win x4000 1000000 1000000


December 21, 2023

Holden rated this game:

1 out of 5

So, I'm playing this "Zoltar Speaks" slot, which sounds like a crumby carnival gimmick. The game throws around these fancy wild symbols, like Zoltar's doing me a big favor by multiplying my peanuts. I bet a couple of bucks—nothing crazy, just poking at the system, you know? You've got your 3Xs and 5Xs, but let's be honest, the big win is as phony as Ackley's excuses for not brushing his teeth. I manage to squeeze a win, but it's more luck than Zoltar's blessings. The music? It's so annoying, I'd rather listen to old Stradlater brag about his dates. Graphics and bonus rounds get a lousy 1 out of 5—if you ask me, they're about as exciting as watching Pencey's fencing team lose their equipment on the subway. Overall, not too enthused—like expecting an epic novel and getting a lousy haiku instead.

Bonuses: 1

Graphics: 1

Music: 1

December 21, 2023

Jack rated this game:

3 out of 5

Arr matey, Zoltar Speaks be beckoning me with promises of fortunes untold, and who am I, Captain Jack Sparrow, to deny such a call? I set sail on these mystical reels with coins aplenty, me mood as unpredictable as the seas—aye, a touch frustrated, but hope springs eternal for treasure. With wilds and multipliers hidden like secret coves in the Caribbean, I found meself both winning a bountiful 42,710 doubloons and losing a few, precisely 14,470. Not a shabby voyage, though the siren's music and graphics weren't as enchanting as I'd hoped—rate 'em a 3 and a 2 on me charts, respectfully. But the thrill of the Respin Bonus, akin to catching the wind at yer back, earns a solid 3. Overall, she's a capricious mistress of the sea, this slot—even if she's not the prettiest, the adventure's worth a few pieces of eight, savvy?

Bonuses: 3

Graphics: 2

Music: 3

December 21, 2023

Sherlock rated this game:

2 out of 5

Ah, Zoltar Speaks, a slot wrapped in the mystery of a fortune teller's caravan. With my analytical prowess, I deduced the optimal strategy within minutes. Initially, my bets were conservative, a mere 0.25, amidst the slot's medium volatility and a puzzling 95% RTP – rather average if I do say so myself. The music, dreadfully monotonous, was barely a distraction; a 1 out of 5 on my personal scorecard. However, my intellect was soon rewarded: the reels spun with an uncanny synergy, aligning the mystical Zoltar symbols, magnifying my modest bet 15-fold! But alas, the windfall was fleeting. In a twist of fate, and much to my vexation, the fortunes reversed. My calculated bets escalated, peaking at 125, as I chased the elusive respin bonus. Suddenly, what began as an amusing escapade into the world of online slots turned into a classic tale of hubris. The machine seemed to sneer in electronic scorn as my winnings dwindled, ineffectual respins mocking my attempts to outwit mere chance. Despite the aesthetics being passably charming – a charitable 3 out of 5 – the bonus mechanics were as disappointing as my 1 out of 5 rating predicted. Yet, in a maelstrom of up and downs, I emerged from the clutches of Zoltar slightly ahead; my initial triumphs overshadowed by the subsequent losses. In the end, Zoltar speaks indeed. And what it said to me, with a hint of irony, was that even the keenest of minds must bow to the whims of fate when the reels start spinning. My overall review stands at a 2 out of 5, a fitting score for an experience that oscillated between exhilaration and vexation, much like the fortunes dispensed by the slot's namesake oracle.

Bonuses: 1

Graphics: 3

Music: 1

December 21, 2023

Stark rated this game:

3 out of 5

Alright, imagine this, I'm at the casino, and there's this slot machine, "Zoltar Speaks." It's got this whole fortune teller vibe going on, flashy graphics, top-notch – definitely Stark-approved. So, I'm feeling confident, I drop a huge bet because, you know, go big or go home. I hit a combo and boom, Zoltar does his magic – the reels go wild, symbols start aligning like celestial bodies during a lunar eclipse, and I bag a sweet 4,000 multiplier. At that moment, I'm not just Tony Stark, I'm the Sultan of Slots, the Wizard of Odds. But then, lady luck decides to take a lunch break. The autoplay is on, and my digits drop faster than my latest prototype in a test flight. The losses stack up – 40K down, and what do I win back? A meager 10K. Guess even genius billionaires have off days, huh? So here I am, laughing off the loss with the charm you’d expect, but plotting my techy comeback. Because that's what we do, right? Win or lose, we're always up for the game. The slot's bonuses were as disappointing as a decaf espresso, but you gotta admit, that win was one for the books. Now, back to the lab - I've got a new strategy to devise!

Bonuses: 2

Graphics: 5

Music: 2

December 21, 2023

Vin rated this game:

4 out of 5

You won't believe this - I was feeling lucky and decided to test my fate with "Zoltar Speaks." Plopped down at this machine with its mystical fortune teller vibes, I was hyped. Started off with some modest bets, enjoying the quirky music – honestly, it was a solid 4 out of 5. The reels spun with this enchanting glow, though I wish the graphics had a bit more oomph, you know? Then BAM! Landed those Zoltar symbols and my bet multiplied – we're talking a serious boost to the adrenaline. I'm telling you, my heart was racing as if I was behind the wheel of a muscle car, all cylinders firing. The win read 46,510 and I felt like a champ. Emboldened, I upped my bet to max, channeling my inner daredevil. Sure enough, fate showed its fickle side - the big loss hit hard, 9,140 down. But hey, just another chance to come back stronger!

Bonuses: 4

Graphics: 3

Music: 4

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