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Hey there, slot aficionados! Michael here, your go-to guru for all things spinning and winning in the casino cosmos. I've been navigating the neon jungle of slots for years, and today I'm thrilled to give you the inside scoop on the glittering reels of "Black Diamond Deluxe" – a slot that blends classic vibes with rich potential!

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Black Diamond Deluxe RTP Compared to the Market

Return to Player Rate (RTP)
High Above average Average Below average Low
Black Diamond Deluxe 96 Average RTP

Black Diamond Deluxe Volatility

Low Low - Medium Medium Medium - High High

Ah, my friend, welcome to the electrifying world of “Black Diamond Deluxe,” a true gem among slots where the stakes are high and the diamonds are dazzling! As a veteran in the casino arena, I’m telling you, this is where fortunes are made with the spin of the reels and a touch of lady luck!

Let’s talk symbols – those luscious ‘777s’ are your ticket to a whopping 300 credits when you line up three of them. But don’t overlook the double ’77s’ and the singular ‘7s’ – they can bag you 90 and 60 credits respectively. And those bars? Classic! Three 2 Bars will nab you 30 credits, while any combination of 7s or Bars keeps the credits rolling in with smaller yet significant wins.

Now, the pièce de résistance of Black Diamond Deluxe is the jackpot feature. Place your max bet and watch for those elusive Black Diamond symbols. On line 9, they could unlock the Tier 1 jackpot with a max value of a life-changing $99,999.99! Even if they hit on lines 1-8, you’re still looking at a hefty Tier 2 jackpot, maxing out at $3,500.00. Trust me, hitting that is a feeling like no other!

Can’t forget to highlight the Black Diamond symbol – it’s wild, baby! It substitutes any other symbol, boosting your chances of a win. Plus, with multipliers up to 75x on winning combinations, the payout can be astronomical!

And for those who love to sit back and watch the magic happen, there’s an autoplay feature. Although there are no bonus rounds or free spins, who needs them when the base game keeps you on the edge of your seat?

With a medium volatility, an RTP of 96%, and the excitement of nine paylines on three reels, every bet can release a surge of adrenaline. Remember, this machine is all about high risk, high reward. So, my friend, ready to try your luck with the sparkling “Black Diamond Deluxe”? Let’s hit those reels and chase those diamond-encrusted dreams!

Symbol 777 symbol
3 300
Symbol 77 symbol
3 90
Symbol 7 symbol
3 60
Symbol 2 Bar
3 30
Symbol Any 7
3 30
Symbol Bar
3 15
Symbol Any Bar
3 6


Jackpot bonus Jackpot

Max Bet for Jackpots! On line 9 at max bet Black Diamond x3 Tier 1, Max value: $99,999.99 On lines 1-8 at max bet Black Diamond x3 Tier 2, Max value: $3,500.00

Black Diamond Deluxe

Black Diamond Deluxe

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Aztec Idols

Buffalo Trail

Buffalo Trail

Island Luck

Island Luck

Software Everi Play'n Go Gamebeat Inspired
Year 07.09.2022 08.11.2012 08.07.2021 12.12.2019
Max bet 6.75 75 16.00 810
Min bet 2.25 0.01 0.40 1
RTP 96 94.15 96.14 95.78%
Volatility Medium High Hight Medium
Bonus Round No Yes Yes No
Autoplay Yes Yes Yes No
Free Spins No Yes Yes No
Multiplier Yes Yes Yes No
Wild Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scatter Yes Yes Yes No
Reels 3 5 4 6
Paylines 9 15 4096 15625
Total max win x44.4 x22725.00 2000


December 16, 2023

Holden rated this game:

3 out of 5

Oh boy, Black Diamond Deluxe. Anyway, the razzle-dazzle of diamonds and bars – it's like a phony carnival for adults, right? Music's a drag, one star at best; just noise to my ears. But the bonuses, I'll give 'em that, they know how to hook you – five stars for the seductive promise of easy dough. Graphics are just okay; all the glitter doesn't turn my eye. Overall, three stars, 'cause let's be honest, I'm just here for the odd thrill of beating the odds, not the artistic experience.

Bonuses: 5

Graphics: 3

Music: 1

December 16, 2023

Jack rated this game:

2 out of 5

Ahoy mate, let me tell ye about the time I sailed into the Black Diamond Deluxe. With the roll of the reels, I felt as if I was back huntin' treasure in the Caribbean. Now, the music was more like a siren's call I'd rather ignore, a mere 2 out of 5 if ye be askin'. The graphics, as bland as hardtack, garnerin' another measly 1 out of 5 stars from this captain. One thrilling moment, though, I hit the max bet and those Black Diamond symbols lined up just right – I was nearly as giddy as findin' a cache of rum, but the victory was short-lived with my total haul bein' less than what I’d ventured. Bonuses, as rare as a loyal crew, 1 out of 5 they get, I'm tellin' ye! All in all, the thrill of the win be fleetin', and while the game's got the wild unpredictability I adore, it's no match for the open sea's adventure. I'd weigh anchor here again perhaps, for the chance of that elusive jackpot, and the wild nudges kept me on me toes. Overall, I’d rate this caper a 2 out of 5.

Bonuses: 1

Graphics: 1

Music: 2

December 16, 2023

Sherlock rated this game:

5 out of 5

Ah, the "Black Diamond Deluxe" — that formidable electronic contraption purporting to be a test of chance rather than a puzzle offering clues to success. I approached it with my usual meticulous analysis, scrutinizing odds and dissecting probabilities. The siren call of the 777 symbol beckoned, but the detective in me was more intrigued by the prospect of the Black Diamond wilds, with their potential to nudge fortunes favorably. On an auspicious spin, the stake — a moderate $6.75 — gambled amidst the gleam of simulated diamonds and bars, yielded an elusive alignment. The resounding clangs heralded a win, and for a fleeting moment, the machine's rhythmic hum seemed as a chorus singing my intellectual triumph over the one-armed bandit. A modest jackpot of $1630, almost unexpected in its arrival, flashed upon the screen, a pittance to my amassed losses, but a victory nonetheless. Yet, the fickle heart of the slot soon turned cold. A misplaced confidence saw my funds dwindle, a comical reminder that in the grand theater of gambling, the house is master to even the most strategic mind. The mood, once buoyed by victory, sank amidst the whirl of graphics and loop of melodies that now seemed to mock rather than enchant. In the end, I was outmatched, not by a wily adversary, but by a tapestry of silicon and software, a machine devoid of reason, designed to tantalize and, ultimately, to win. My final tally stood as a testament to the highs and lows of casino craft — winnings of $1630 overshadowed by a staggering loss of $27440. The game, it seems, is never really afoot with these contrivances.

Bonuses: 5

Graphics: 5

Music: 4

December 16, 2023

Stark rated this game:

4 out of 5

So, I strolled into this digital den of chance, and "Black Diamond Deluxe" caught my eye. Tech-wise, it's a shiny gem, clean graphics, a solid 4/5, but the sound? Let's just say it's more hammer-on-anvil than high-tech, a meager 1/5. The lack of a soundtrack is the sonic equivalent of a flat beer. Yet, as a man who enjoys the thrill of innovation, the DOUBLE NUDGE™ feature had me at hello. Imagine this – you're one symbol off a win, and then these diamonds just nudge their way to victory. That's the kind of Stark-level genius I appreciate. Bonuses don't pop up every other spin, but I'd rate their frequency a decent 3/5 for keeping things interesting. The climax of my escapade was the jackpot trigger on the ninth payline; those three Black Diamonds lined up like a vision of beauty. That win was sensational, like watching "Jarvis" get an upgrade. The rush? A solid 5/5 – a feat of mathematical artistry. Overall, I'd give "Black Diamond Deluxe" a 4/5. Betting max for that $99,999.99 jackpot gets the adrenaline going, and while the win was stellar, the losses were a stark reminder of how exhilarating the game can be. Despite the sound, I'll definitely play again – the ambiance of the slot, the promise of technology, it's akin to the workshop of a digital blacksmith shaping wins from raw data.

Bonuses: 5

Graphics: 4

Music: 1

December 16, 2023

Vin rated this game:

5 out of 5

Striding into the world of "Black Diamond Deluxe," like I'm walking onto a Fast & Furious set—confidence at max. There I am, laying down chunky bets with the swagger of Dom Toretto himself, eyeing those shiny 777s like they're the keys to a muscle car. The reels spin with a hum that could rival any V8 engine, and the graphics? Sleek as a nitrous boost, 5/5 easy. Big win hits—a whopping $62,430! I'm feeling invincible, like I've just pulled off a heist without breaking a sweat. Bonuses? They're popping like fireworks—4/5, 'cause hey, nobody's perfect except maybe that Black Diamond symbol. She's wild, nudging up and down, treating me to a win that could fund one of my movie stunts. Then, the mood shifts faster than a drag race. My bets, still large 'cause go big or go home, right? But Lady Luck decides to take a different exit ramp. Suddenly, I'm down $4,500, and no amount of 'family' mantras is bringing that back. Still, I'm surprised rather than shaken, ready to throttle up and chase that next jackpot. Vin Diesel doesn't do retreats, after all.

Bonuses: 4

Graphics: 5

Music: 4

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